Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How Would you Like To Win A Whole Set of 148 Promarkers????

Go Check out my Friends Blog......

She is having a Giveaway to win the Whole Set of 148 ProMarkers...

She is doing vidoes on how to use them so if you are like me and have no clue but love the looks on finished cards you will find the videos very helpful and you will want to really win them then

If you don't Have a Google Account no Problem just leave your comment with your NAME (so she will know how to get in touch with you) and hit anonymous.....

In your Comment let her know I sent you her way.....BTW when you are there check out her work she is amazing!!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

*Blog Candy*

One of my Favorite blogs to go visit is
Going-Buggy By Enfys
I love her work and her stories make my day.
I have had to opportunity to meet her and she is so sweet.
She has a Blog Candy Give Away going on so go check out her site, her work and her stories!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MY New "Organized" Workdesk (WOYWW)

This has been a very busy week so not much "crafting" going on. I have been trying to make 12 Halloween cards for 2 weeks now. I finally have everything put away in my new craftspace. It is one thing to clean and organize your scraproom and it is another to pack and move EVERYTHING. Things got sorted into new places so now when I go to find something I have to look in about 10 places until I find it. So while it is "more organized" it is not where it "used to be"....

My 13 year old niece Sarina participated in The Iron Kids National that was held in St. Petersburg, FL. She did her first one in May and qualified to particapte in the National one. There were 552 kids ranging from 5 to 15 years old. They are broken into 3 divisions and their swim, bike, run distances are basied on their division. Her division was the Senior Division and her distances were 300 yard swim, 8 mile bike, and 2 mile run. Her time was 54.27, she was first in her age for Florida and 17 in her division. It was a fun weekend cheering her on and watching the other kids. You can see the sign I made her on my desk. I'm happy to sit on the sideline and cheer her on, take picture and scrap her pages....I think she does enough exercise for the both of us....

here is my new space

Sarina On The Last Leg of her Run

Projects on my desk

My desk area

My shelves

My Maganet Collection from Places I've Been

The wallpaper that is in my room..I  first thought it was a bit too masculine for me...but was not ready to change it...now I like it and goes well with my white furniture...That is my dragonfly collection on my curtian....

I read on several blogs last week where they made it to ALL the blogs...I visited more last week than I've ever been to and learn some new things and really enjoyed seeing everyone's projects and workspaces....BUT as much as I tried I don't think I got past 70...will try to visit more this week....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm in the process of moving so here is my "desk"...but I do have my new Imagine machine set up on the dining room table along with other of my scrapbook goodies and tools so I have basically taken over the table...I have done a lot of downsizing this last year preparing for this move...I went from a 4 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom ( empty nest time)....When people heard I was moving and I would not have a "scrap room" they said what are you going to do with your scrap stuff...haha nothing with it but I sure did a lot of downsizing of my other stuff...so basically it took all of 5 minutes to move my "stuff" and 5 days to pack and move my scraproom! NO kidding there! So read on down a bit to see my creations with my new Imagine....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"I want Candy" Better to Imagine

After running errands today and getting house chores done I was finally able to sit again a play with my New Imagine...more getting to know this machine....so the card took longer than if I had just cut from colored card stock but most of the time was learning about RGB numbers and looking on the Internet at charts to pick the "right" colors....I see I need to find me a RGB color chart....the second learning curve was understanding the difference between what true and relative size...IMHO the manual is confusing and did not explain it "right" but then again it could be how I interpreted it....The manual reads in Relative mode, which sizes images to the key height character in your text and True mode, which sizes images independent of any other image. So I wanted to cut out a paper doll and I thought that like on the other machines if your set the true size at the size that your doll is then it will be the same.....not so!!!! If your paper doll is 4 inches then both numbers will read 4 inches....but then you have to set each piece so the relative number reads 4 inches...so as an example the pumpkin outfit I cut out read 1.5 True and 4.0 Relative.......then dummy me FORGETS to write down the RGB numbers of the "skin" color, etc before I turned off the machine!!!!....I see I need to get a notebook just for RGB favorite colors....OH and one last thing...I forgot to take out my carts before I turned off my machine  so they were still in when I turned it back on....when I went to edit my pumpkin outfit it would go back through the setting up screen...so I guess it is important to turn on the machine without any carts in it and then install  the Imagine cart first then the old cricut cart....b/c once I turned it back off took out the carts and did it "right" then it worked fine.....Hope my learning "errors" help you enjoy your new machine...or maybe this post is making me look DUMB! :{

Here is my card.....


Front and Inside...This is an Easel Card

The Girl, Hair Pumpkin outfit, Shoes, Tights, and Trick or Treat Bag were all from white paper that I "colored" with the Imagine.... so just 1 mat....and 1 piece of paper....the cuts are very "smooth" too...(no white core "boogers") The background paper is from a pack I bought today at Target in the $1 section, 8 halloween sheets for $1. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Can't "Imagine" Any More Fun Than This!!!

Okay so here's the deal.....I've been really good this year working on getting my debt paid off...to stay on track I have had to GREATLY reduce my scrapbook budget...GOOD THING! Because when Provo Craft had their HSN debut of the new Imagine machine I knew I had to have that machine...I watched and watched each demo....called a few friends...enabled them to buy it then finally took to plunge and ordered it.....:) ...It came this last Monday..I got to play for about an hour and got frustrated because I knew I needed more time to study the instructions...so the rest of the week was busy and tonight was the first chance I got to REALLY play with it and I can say.....I'm SOoooo GLAD I BOUGHT IT!!!!!......When I was coming up with reasons to convince myself why I needed it...being able to add coordinating print to my letters and words was one reason that sold me on it...but on the other hand I told myself I could just the letters out on printed paper....well after playing with it I am so convinced I did the right thing...because it adjust the size of the print to fit the size you are cutting out.....you will see what I mean in this card I made...the background print the flowers, cats and dogs are bigger then look at the cupcakes and you will see the print adjusted...if I had cut out cupcakes that small on my printed paper the design would not have shown up like this did.....

Back of Card

Front of Card

"Inside" This is an Easel Card

The Cat and "prints" are from the Imagine Best Friends Cart....The Word "Celebrate" and the cupcakes are from The Celebrations cart and I added the print from Imagine Best Friends... the "It's Your Day" is also from Celebrations with the Print from Imagine Best Friends added but I used the Print Only feature then cut it out in a rectangle myself (I see a gypsy in my future)....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What on YOur Workdesk Wednesday August 11, 2010

Both Completed Albums
Well the album is finally finished...it is wrapped and in the box ready to post tomorrow....this is the last page that I did today. It is the letter that my mom wrote to her cousin.

Josh and Cadence

It has been fun making this album, I've learned even more about my mom's side of the family. She has spent the last 6 months going over these documents getting everyone straight that she is now on a first name basis with them...me not yet but I'm getting there....My second couin served in the Army during WWII...so it has been my honor to make this album for him and his family...My nephew was home this last two weeks on leave...he is in the Army and is headed to Iraq in the next two weeks...He is just 6 months younger than my middle son and like a son to me...a bit of my heart went with  him. A friend of mine has her own photography studio and she took these photos of him with his daughter (my great-niece), Cadence.
Josh and Cadence

Friday, August 6, 2010

Album is DONE!!!!

Well sort of...I still have a few more things on several pages to finish but for the most part it is done...the last few pages have been some of my favorites....guess it is just my American Pride....my mom's cousin that the book is for landed on Utah Beach during WWII so my mom knew she wanted to do some military pages...we started out with the ancestors that were in the civil war and ended with my nephew and cousin that are serving now...we also included their daughters who are doing their part by sharing their daddy's time with us all....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WOYWW August 4

Not much new this week on my workdesk...still all the piles that were on my desk last week....and we are still living with all the tables...I got a "bug" this week and spent most of it in bed with a screaming headache finally I'm feeling better and ready to get back to scrapping so we can gt this project done this weekend!

It was funny all the comments that I got about my middle son sitting at his laptop without a shirt on. I was taking pictures that night and my mom and son both said "Don't take a picture of me". So I did the best I could to get the "scrapping mess" without them in the picture....When I told him he had about as many comments on his shirtlesness that I had on my project he laughed. Yes that's my son Jon.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family History

A few more pages that are not in the slide show below....as I get more done I will update the whole slide show....

This last one is a pocket page that i made....it is a mix of papers put together..My Mom's cousin, that this book is for, is going to be 90 the end of August. He landed on Utah Beach on D-Day. This pocket is to hold info about Utah Beach and D-Day for future generations.

A Bit of family history that my mom just found out about on Ancestry.com. She came across an old census (1880 I think) that listed an Aunt that my mom knew only as "Aunt Dolly"...come to find out this Aunt was a Great-Aunt that was born on the fourth of July...her real legal name was Fourthie Independance!Yeah family history is fun! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My baby Petie is feeling alittle left out these days.....

This Heritage Album seems to have taken on a life of it's own...My mom and I have "lived" with these people for about 6 months now....People I hardly knew just by their names I now know who is who and who belongs to who 5 generations back....My mom has been doing the research, getting old census, marriage license, birth records, military records, death certificates etc...then 4 weeks ago I started scrapping the Heritage Album...it has grown past my scrap room...we are now living with a folding table in the middle of the dining room floor....the dining room table is mostly covered, the table in my scrap room is covered and the desk in the family area is covered....I have now gotten 33 pages done in the 4 weeks. My mom, that lives 2 miles from me, has moved in to help with chores so I can focus my "free" time on this....since the dead line to get it sent out is the 10th of August (it is for her cousin's 90th birthday). I've learned a lot about my history and a lot about the country along the way too.....we have gotten a lot of laughs also....It has been a ton of work but I've enjoyed it and so glad that we did this while my mom is still around to keep who is who straight...if I was doing this on my won I would have gotten so frustrated and given up loooooooog ago.......but now it is done and will be easy to duplicate for others in the family....I also think it is now time to get my nieces addicted to scrapping so I'm not the only scrapper in the family....Scroll down jsut past the fishing card to see the pages I have already done....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fishing Card

In the middle of my Heritage scrapping...I took a break and made a crd for my brother's birthday...this brother's motto is "Let's fish 5 days and work 2". I had bought this cut file from "MyScrapChick.com" awhile back with the intention of using it for him or other's in my family that fish". The tag on the front says: "For the Days when the Fish Don't Bite" and on the inside is a Gift Card to Outback.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WOYWW~ Heritage Album

I am working on a Heritage Album at the request of my mom (I'm the only one in the family that scraps) for her Cousin's 90th birthday that is in mid August. We just started 2 weeks ago and to assist me to get this done in time my Mom has moved in with me even though she only lives less than 2 miles away. LOL

I have 17 pages done and 8 more in various stages of being done, My Mom retired last year and has been doing family research, she is continuing to search on some family members/branches so I am not finilizing my pages until I know she has everything she wants on them. I made a Heritage Album last year for a cousin that was getting married and my mom would ask..."how hard is it to get this up" so she could add more to it.

This is the first page that we are putting in every Heritage album...to us it says what we feel as to the importance of doing this....This is the only page I have scanned at this time...I will post more as I scan them....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday

Inside Reads: Happy Belated Birthday...Hope your birthday month finds you with Sun on your face, Sand in your toes and a drink in each hand.....Another card made with the decoupage papers in my PaperCraft Inspiration.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Snuggle a Day.....

Another card made using the decoupage papers from Papercraft Inspiration Magazine....The Inside says:" A Snuggle A Day Keeps The Grumpies Away"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Card

I was getting ready to throw out a Strawberry Shortcake Coloring book when I noticed this cute picture on the back....I thought I could cut that out and make a card! :) This is the result....The background paper is from the DCWV Sweet Stack....

Decoupage Paper Card

I LOVE The PaperCraft Inspirations Magazine. It is from the UK and cost a bit more but what I get from it justifies the cost for me. There is always a "free" gift and ideas how to use them. This month's was decoupage papers. I have not tried this technique and I have been wanting to....here is the first card that I made using them.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. 57

I am working on a card for my Brother-in-Law's birthday. My sister asked me to make him a card to hint at his gift. On his bucket list is to sky dive so my sister is giving that for his present. She wanted it to say "come take the plunge with me"...that was her only request the rest was up to me. This is what I came up with