Friday, November 29, 2013

American Girl Lady Bug Outfit

I am beginning to think I need to change the name of my blog from "Scrapbooking By Bethany" to " "Crafting By Bethany". Ever Since I could remember I have been doing crafts with my Mom. I learned to sew when I was 8 and the first "outfit" I made was for my baby Sister. I was so proud and my Mom tells me it fell apart right after this picture was taken.
 For the next 10 years I got hands on lessons, which at the time I HATED, if it was not right I had to take it out. But from  those lessons I learned, and they made me a better sewer.  I became more careful with my stitches and seams.  It was easier to do it right the first time than take it out and redo it. I then learned to crochet, knit, crossstitch, macramé, scrapbook, cardmaking, you name it I learned to do it. My recent endeavor has been bowmaking. It started when a friend said let's use up some of this ribbon we have from scrapbooking and learn to make bows. I got on YouTube and taught myself to make hairbows (funny craft for a Mom of 3 boys and a Grandson). So I now have 5 times more ribbon than when I started out. Go check out my Bow Page Tie A Bow On. Okay I have gotten way off topic here. While all I have is boys I do have two sweet Great-Nieces that are the love of my life. Cadence is almost 6 and in the full swing of loving her American Girl Doll. My Mom and I needing to stay on budget this Christmas decided we would start making some AG outfits. I got on Pintrest and found all these great sites with FREE PATTERNS! I hit PAYDIRT when I found this one. Okay now again off track.....Back to the Lady Bug outfit.  Now days making tutus go hand in hand with the bows  I decided to Make a Lady Bug Costume for Cay's Doll. This is what a ended up with:

I will post more of our outfits which includes upcycling my Mom and I's clothes.