Saturday, September 25, 2010

"I want Candy" Better to Imagine

After running errands today and getting house chores done I was finally able to sit again a play with my New Imagine...more getting to know this the card took longer than if I had just cut from colored card stock but most of the time was learning about RGB numbers and looking on the Internet at charts to pick the "right" colors....I see I need to find me a RGB color chart....the second learning curve was understanding the difference between what true and relative size...IMHO the manual is confusing and did not explain it "right" but then again it could be how I interpreted it....The manual reads in Relative mode, which sizes images to the key height character in your text and True mode, which sizes images independent of any other image. So I wanted to cut out a paper doll and I thought that like on the other machines if your set the true size at the size that your doll is then it will be the same.....not so!!!! If your paper doll is 4 inches then both numbers will read 4 inches....but then you have to set each piece so the relative number reads 4 as an example the pumpkin outfit I cut out read 1.5 True and 4.0 Relative.......then dummy me FORGETS to write down the RGB numbers of the "skin" color, etc before I turned off the machine!!!!....I see I need to get a notebook just for RGB favorite colors....OH and one last thing...I forgot to take out my carts before I turned off my machine  so they were still in when I turned it back on....when I went to edit my pumpkin outfit it would go back through the setting up I guess it is important to turn on the machine without any carts in it and then install  the Imagine cart first then the old cricut cart....b/c once I turned it back off took out the carts and did it "right" then it worked fine.....Hope my learning "errors" help you enjoy your new machine...or maybe this post is making me look DUMB! :{

Here is my card.....


Front and Inside...This is an Easel Card

The Girl, Hair Pumpkin outfit, Shoes, Tights, and Trick or Treat Bag were all from white paper that I "colored" with the Imagine.... so just 1 mat....and 1 piece of paper....the cuts are very "smooth" too...(no white core "boogers") The background paper is from a pack I bought today at Target in the $1 section, 8 halloween sheets for $1. 

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