Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What on YOur Workdesk Wednesday August 11, 2010

Both Completed Albums
Well the album is finally finished...it is wrapped and in the box ready to post tomorrow....this is the last page that I did today. It is the letter that my mom wrote to her cousin.

Josh and Cadence

It has been fun making this album, I've learned even more about my mom's side of the family. She has spent the last 6 months going over these documents getting everyone straight that she is now on a first name basis with them...me not yet but I'm getting there....My second couin served in the Army during WWII...so it has been my honor to make this album for him and his family...My nephew was home this last two weeks on leave...he is in the Army and is headed to Iraq in the next two weeks...He is just 6 months younger than my middle son and like a son to me...a bit of my heart went with  him. A friend of mine has her own photography studio and she took these photos of him with his daughter (my great-niece), Cadence.
Josh and Cadence

Friday, August 6, 2010

Album is DONE!!!!

Well sort of...I still have a few more things on several pages to finish but for the most part it is done...the last few pages have been some of my favorites....guess it is just my American Pride....my mom's cousin that the book is for landed on Utah Beach during WWII so my mom knew she wanted to do some military pages...we started out with the ancestors that were in the civil war and ended with my nephew and cousin that are serving now...we also included their daughters who are doing their part by sharing their daddy's time with us all....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WOYWW August 4

Not much new this week on my workdesk...still all the piles that were on my desk last week....and we are still living with all the tables...I got a "bug" this week and spent most of it in bed with a screaming headache finally I'm feeling better and ready to get back to scrapping so we can gt this project done this weekend!

It was funny all the comments that I got about my middle son sitting at his laptop without a shirt on. I was taking pictures that night and my mom and son both said "Don't take a picture of me". So I did the best I could to get the "scrapping mess" without them in the picture....When I told him he had about as many comments on his shirtlesness that I had on my project he laughed. Yes that's my son Jon.