Friday, September 14, 2012

Ribbon Storage

New Boxes for storing my ribbon....after I started making bows (which I started doing to use up some of the ribbon I bought for scrapbooking) I started buying MORE ribbon...isn't that how it works out....who knew there was so much CUTE ribbon out there. So the boxes I was using in my post below was not working out...there was too much space at the top so if they got turned over...well it just would have been a BIG mess... My Mom found these at Costco for me and they are perfect...there was a space between the two rows of ribbon  I just took a 12X12 piece of cardstock and folded it into the long tube. I used my ATG gun to stick it down (double sided taped would work). I have them separated by color and then I have one that is all the ones printed with designs or characters.

This picture was taken about a month ago....LOL...I have one whole containers filled with just pink ribbon...and another with the printed...