Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WOYWW August 4

Not much new this week on my workdesk...still all the piles that were on my desk last week....and we are still living with all the tables...I got a "bug" this week and spent most of it in bed with a screaming headache finally I'm feeling better and ready to get back to scrapping so we can gt this project done this weekend!

It was funny all the comments that I got about my middle son sitting at his laptop without a shirt on. I was taking pictures that night and my mom and son both said "Don't take a picture of me". So I did the best I could to get the "scrapping mess" without them in the picture....When I told him he had about as many comments on his shirtlesness that I had on my project he laughed. Yes that's my son Jon.


Sid said...

Life gets in the way of crafting occasionally !!

JoZart said...

you get well quickly and keep that desk in action!