Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heritage Album

My second cousin got married on the 18 of July. This is the heritage album that I made her at my mom's request. Except for about 5 of the pages all were made in about a weeks time. I even stayed up the WHOLE night before the wedding to get everything done my mom wanted in the album. I work well under pressure lol and I slept the whole way down in the car. It was a beautiful wedding.On Facebook I posted detailed notes as to who everyone is and the papers used. My Aunt died in a tragic accident when her boys were young, this is her granddaughter that got married. Half way through making the album it dawned on me why this was so important to my mom, she was giving her great-niece the family history that her sister was not able to give. I have seen many of these pictures growing up but I never knew the stories behind them. I am so glad that I was able to do this with my mom and hear her tell the stories of her childhood growing up. I even learned this week that my mom's oldest sister's name is Nora!!! NEVER knew that! After my mom started bringing things over I realized it is my destiny to be a scrapper! Some of the "stuff" my mom had and some she got from her mother's house after she passed away! So I come from a long line of memorbilia keepers! In the album the only document that we had to send away for was the marriage certificate of my Aunt & Uncle!!!
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