Friday, September 24, 2010

Can't "Imagine" Any More Fun Than This!!!

Okay so here's the deal.....I've been really good this year working on getting my debt paid stay on track I have had to GREATLY reduce my scrapbook budget...GOOD THING! Because when Provo Craft had their HSN debut of the new Imagine machine I knew I had to have that machine...I watched and watched each demo....called a few friends...enabled them to buy it then finally took to plunge and ordered it.....:) ...It came this last Monday..I got to play for about an hour and got frustrated because I knew I needed more time to study the the rest of the week was busy and tonight was the first chance I got to REALLY play with it and I can say.....I'm SOoooo GLAD I BOUGHT IT!!!!!......When I was coming up with reasons to convince myself why I needed it...being able to add coordinating print to my letters and words was one reason that sold me on it...but on the other hand I told myself I could just the letters out on printed paper....well after playing with it I am so convinced I did the right thing...because it adjust the size of the print to fit the size you are cutting will see what I mean in this card I made...the background print the flowers, cats and dogs are bigger then look at the cupcakes and you will see the print adjusted...if I had cut out cupcakes that small on my printed paper the design would not have shown up like this did.....

Back of Card

Front of Card

"Inside" This is an Easel Card

The Cat and "prints" are from the Imagine Best Friends Cart....The Word "Celebrate" and the cupcakes are from The Celebrations cart and I added the print from Imagine Best Friends... the "It's Your Day" is also from Celebrations with the Print from Imagine Best Friends added but I used the Print Only feature then cut it out in a rectangle myself (I see a gypsy in my future)....

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Alli said...

I KNOW THAT CARD!! Thanks for sending it to me! Love it