Monday, October 11, 2010

*Blog Candy*

One of my Favorite blogs to go visit is
Going-Buggy By Enfys
I love her work and her stories make my day.
I have had to opportunity to meet her and she is so sweet.
She has a Blog Candy Give Away going on so go check out her site, her work and her stories!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MY New "Organized" Workdesk (WOYWW)

This has been a very busy week so not much "crafting" going on. I have been trying to make 12 Halloween cards for 2 weeks now. I finally have everything put away in my new craftspace. It is one thing to clean and organize your scraproom and it is another to pack and move EVERYTHING. Things got sorted into new places so now when I go to find something I have to look in about 10 places until I find it. So while it is "more organized" it is not where it "used to be"....

My 13 year old niece Sarina participated in The Iron Kids National that was held in St. Petersburg, FL. She did her first one in May and qualified to particapte in the National one. There were 552 kids ranging from 5 to 15 years old. They are broken into 3 divisions and their swim, bike, run distances are basied on their division. Her division was the Senior Division and her distances were 300 yard swim, 8 mile bike, and 2 mile run. Her time was 54.27, she was first in her age for Florida and 17 in her division. It was a fun weekend cheering her on and watching the other kids. You can see the sign I made her on my desk. I'm happy to sit on the sideline and cheer her on, take picture and scrap her pages....I think she does enough exercise for the both of us....

here is my new space

Sarina On The Last Leg of her Run

Projects on my desk

My desk area

My shelves

My Maganet Collection from Places I've Been

The wallpaper that is in my room..I  first thought it was a bit too masculine for me...but was not ready to change I like it and goes well with my white furniture...That is my dragonfly collection on my curtian....

I read on several blogs last week where they made it to ALL the blogs...I visited more last week than I've ever been to and learn some new things and really enjoyed seeing everyone's projects and workspaces....BUT as much as I tried I don't think I got past 70...will try to visit more this week....