Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Valentine Card for Friend

Valentine Card for a friend. Dog cut from PP hearts cut from george at different sizes and with silhouette feature. The heart the dog is holding is attached with wires that is threaded thru the card with beads .

Altered gallon paint can for son Jonathan & his dog Sam for their valentine Present. Dogs and Need a hug from PP. Dogs were just cut at different sizes.

Kiss Me I'm Irish

This is a quart altered paint tin. "Kiss me I'm Irish" cut from BC. Lips are from AK the fish lips. Dog is PP and his hat is the top of the fire hydrant.

Birthday Card For Brother who is a CPA

I made this card for my brother Ger who is a CPA. Numbers cut from george or BC. The dog is from PP.

Altered paint can I made for my son Jonathan and his dog Sam. Easter dogs cut form PP. Yappy Easter cut from PP. The easter basket is from DC and filled with foam sticker eggs.

Party On Big Card

Card made for son Benjamin. Made using a whole piece of 12X12 paper folded in half so card size is 6X12. The party dog is from PP (forgot what size he is cut at. The Party On are stickers. The picture on the inside is of him at a birthday party. The stack of gifts off to the side are from PP.

Birthday Card for 6 year old girl

Made this for my 6 ear old niece's birthday. The Elephant is from NA at 3.5" the Happy Birthday is from Base Camp. The "money pocket" is elephant from NA cut with the card feature.

Large Happy Birthday Card

This card is made using a whole 12X12 piece of paper folded in half so the card is 6X12. Mickey adn Pluto is cut from M&F at 5" they are on pop dots. The Happy Birthday is cut from Paper Pups at 4" and are on pop dots.

Cat Card I made for my niece. She was away at summer camp. The cat is from DC and is up on pop dots to look like she is coming out of the card.

" Way To Go" Mickey Mouse card

Card I made my son Jon to congratulate him for making the dean's list. Mickey is cut from M&F and "Way to Go!" is cut from george and stickled.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Album I made for my Niece Becky

Album I made for my Niece Becky.

Album I made for Niece Becky

"Hello" card I made with my new PD cart.

Card I made for my Nephew that was just hired on as a manager of a Cold Stone.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ben's Card For Nannie

My son is following in my footsteps this is the card he made for his grandmother for her birthday this year. "Nannie is cut from Jasmine using the charm feature. The "my heart Belongs 2 Nannie" is also Jasmine.

Birthday Card for Gardener

This is a card that I made for my mother for her birthday this year. It is made using a whole piece of 12X12 cardstock folded in half so the card size is 6X12. The gardener and trellisare made from the new PD. The sun and grass are from M&F the flowers are primas.

Charades Scrapbook Page

This is a 12X12 scrapbook page that I did of a recent family trip to the beach. Charades was cut using MM. The film strip was cut using M&F the bubbles are cut from george.

Birthday Card for a Luau Party

Birthday card for a little girl who was having a Luau Party. Pluto is made with M&F "Hula Birthday" is cut using BC.

This is a centerpiece that I made for my brother for his birthday. I took a pic of my nephew playing ball enlarged it, laminated it. I then used florist foam to hold it in the dish. I used dirt form the playing field to cover it. The Play Ball is cut form George using the sign feature.

Baby Benjamin Coming Home Outfit

This is a shadowbox that I made to hold my son Benjamin's outfit that he wore home from the hospital. The Words It's a Boy and his name Benjamin were cut from george using the tag feature.

There is a Gator in my garden

This a 12X12 Scrapbook page that I made. There was a 7.5 foot gator that climbed my fence and landed in my garden. Alphabet is george and gator is from AK.

Baby Girl 8X8 Album