Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ruffled Baby Dress

A few weeks ago my Mom prints off this crochet pattern and hands it to me. She said why don't you make one like this. I quickly read the pattern and thought that looks a bit hard, I put it aside. Last week we made a Hobby Lobby run, I thought let me get some yarn and try that dress. I think this is now my new favorite crochet pattern! It worked up really easy. This one is for my Best Friends Daughter (my fake Niece Sam's baby girl Sophia.) For those that don't know my "real" Niece Becky is expecting a girl in April and my "fake" Niece Sam  is expecting a girl in March ( actually I've already called it she is going to be born on my birthday). I've already made them each a blanket, a dress, and a few diaper covers. This is where I got the pattern ... Ruffled Baby Dress.

P.S. This is my "fake" baby....

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Connie Scott said...

I love this little dress. I love crochet and done a good amount of little dress's. Most of all the "FREE" patterns I find all the time. lol U go girl............... I have tons of patterns when u want to do more. Love to share.