Sunday, October 30, 2011

Have not Been Scrapping Lately BUT.....

Lately I have been crocheting...It seems that I tend to do that this time of year....last year I made a bunch of little kid far this year I'm on a baby blanket kick....I have two Niece's that are expecting babies in the Spring. When I started making the blankets we had not found out what the babies are so I started with the "boy" colors, mostly because I found these colors that I fell in love with.
This one is a 5 Point Star...the pattern is one of those free pages that you find hanging by the yarn in can find it on put in Star Blanket in the search.  It is really easy to do.

This one is a 12 Point Star Blanket...It was a free pattern from It is called Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young. Again this one was an easy one to do.

This one is called Ripples of Joy....It is from a book called Circular Baby Afgans by Leisure Arts. Another easy one.

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Ellen S. Jarvis said...

Hi Bethany! I came over to say congratulations on getting your Super Bowl invitation published in Cricut Magazine. It's SO adorable! Then I saw those beautiful blankets you crocheted -- I wish I had that talent!!!! And THEN I stuck around and read some of your postings and LOVE your style. I especially love the posting you wrote about the thing you regret most about parenting (allowing your sons to drink at an early age) and knew I wanted to stalk you. (LOL, I mean, FOLLOW!) Come over to my blog too. Based on some of the things I've read on these new blogs I've found (through the magazine -- just trolling, nothing much to do here in the wee hours!), I plan some changes to my blog, and to me. Follow along.

Happy New Year!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey