Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year...New Me????

I keep hearing the Saying..."New Year...New You" whatever that means...sure we all strive to make changes in our life to better ourselves but why just at the "New Year"...One things that I heard recently that has stuck with me is from Dr. Phil...(I know that will turn off some people just by saying his name, but I think the guys says some good stuff)...he said EVERYDAY evaluate your goals and did you do SOMETHING today to bring you closer to your #1 goal..if not evaluate why and make changes tomorrow... and if you find on a daily basis you are not then maybe you should change your #1 goal...I like that and I have a bunch of "good" goals for this year but I am asking myself what is MY #1????

So one of my TOP goals is to craft more...something everyday....everyday so far "something" has come up to keep me from sitting down and doing after hearing Dr. Phil's advice I thought last night at 11 pm I can't do a whole craft but I can START for 15 minutes I colored 3 stamped I will turn those images into cards...but at least I did something and I got a start instead of putting it off for another day...I'm really inspired now :)

Day 1 My favorite Purse
I have also been wanting to do project 365 (where you take a picture of SOMETHING everyday and then journal about it)....that I have done better are my first 5 days of pictures..

Day 2 My cabbages....
Day 3 Sam...My Granddog...I got on his level

Day 4...Maggie...the neighbor's dog..."I am Smiling"

Day 5...My baby....wondering why I have not turned off the light at 11 pm yet (yes taken on day 4 but I could not pass up that look)....


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Anonymous said...

The SAM shot is GREAT - the perspective is fabulouso!!!! I love your idea of taking pics and I look forward to virtually scrapping with you this year.