Monday, September 17, 2007

Cherish Everyday

I just recently had a friend die unexpectedly. It made me remember why I scrapbook. To keep the memories for my family, especially my kids. I am working my my youngest son's scrapbook for his graduation party. Marti was my secret sister from the Cricut MB. In her last package she sent me these beautiful BIG Primas. I am a collector of "pretty" things, my pretty paper, my pretty primas, ect. Well after losing Marti I realized that I need to use my pretty stuff. I also realized that I need to also scrap what is important to my children and that is me. I don't like having my picture so I am usually the one taking the pics. I know now that I need to let them take the pics too. When my boys were little we visited DC and each boy had their own camera. When I developed Ben's pics I saw how he saw DC. It had the floor of the sub way station, the knees of his brother. We need to remember it is not how we wee ourselves it is how they see us.

I did this LO in honor of Marti and I am going to do the opposite page of a current pic. Font is Jasmine.

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